Friday, July 27, 2007

Birthday 07-27-07

a handmade card from a friend
a call from my grandma
a chore list completed from a helpful daughter
a call from loved ones over the ocean
a phone call from my sister
a song by my SIL and my nieces and nephew
a phone call from a friend in Texas
a Pepsi from a neighbor and close friend
a T-shirt from a close friend's husband
an email from a friend
a silly card from the kids (with a B&N gift card)
a bunch of flowers and a beautiful cake from my love (with a kiss and a camera :)
an invite to the farm
a surprising "Happy Birthday Song" from new friends
a night of crickets and fireflys, yakamundos and roasted marshmallows,
laughs and more laughs
a 32nd birthday that won't be soon forgotten


  1. I feel like such a dork! I looked at the calendar on the 26th and thought to myself I need to remember to call Kim tomorrow and wish her a happy 32nd! We really are getting OLD! Anyway-2 days have past and I forgot! I feel horrible! Happy belated! You will defnitely be getting a call from me in the AM and some happy mail this week. Love ya-and I love the new look of your blog. Ro

  2. Happy birthday Kim! I'm bummed that we didn't cross paths in Nauvoo. Hope you all had a great time!


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