Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fiskars: Backpack Personalization

 I can't believe it is almost time to go back to school. Just looking at the calendar, and my kids only have 2 more weeks until the big day.
I created some fun decor for their backpacks & lunch bags. You can see the full details & instructions here.

This blog post is sponsored by Fiskars, Inc.

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  1. Kim!!

    I need to get a hold of you.. I tried calling you on the cellphone number I have for you just after your bday and it didn't work.. then I remembered getting an email from you about changing cellphone numbers or something. I've tried to find it in my email and it's not there.. I guess I accidentally deleted it. And for some dumb reason, I don't have your home phone saved in my phone with your old cell phone number.. so thank goodness you have a blog, cause I've been dying over here wanting and trying to get in touch with ya! LOL

    We were gone camping on a family reunion over your bday and I was thinking about ya but couldn't call and now we're going on a month later. DUH! Anywho, send me your new cell number if you have one and your home phone and your address AGAIN, and I won't delete it this time! I'll program it all into my cell this time.

    I'm 20 wks now and went to the dr. yesterday for my ultrasound! We're having a boy!!!

    Love ya Muchly..


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