Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ella's Faves {8.7.12}

I found this worksheet Ella filled out this morning during summer study time. Some of her answers were too cute not to remember here!
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Card Game: Oneo {Uno}
Favorite Sports Team: Vilet Vochers {Violet Vultures. This is her local soccer team.}
Favorite Cartoon: Good Luck Charlie
Favorite Dessert: Snow Cown {cone}
Favorite Band: Taler Swift {Taylor Swift}
Favorite Superhero: Spoperman {Superman}
Favorite Breakfast: wofles {waffles}
Favorite Restaurant: Chick-ful-a {Chik-Fil-A}
Favorite Song: Enchated {Enchanted by Taylor Swift}

I just love her phonetic spelling.
P.S. This photo was taken at Niabi Zoo; where we returned to this summer during our trip to Iowa.

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  1. She's so cute and so big! And I'm so old and so big! Bahaha! xoxo


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