Monday, April 5, 2010

April Scraps...

These photos were taken at my Grandpa's birthday party. We held it at a park, which is so fitting for my Grandpa. Some of my happiest childhood memories were at the parks in Salt Lake City. He would always take us to parks to play. Christian and Sydnee were very shy with Grandpa at this event. Later, when we were driving home and I was telling Christian about Grandpa and all that I loved about him. Christian then told me that he just wished that Grandpa would take out his Halloween teeth! Out of the mouths of babes.... These pictures are of my Aunt Janet and Elaine. I am not sure when they were taken, but thought that maybe it was a first day of school pose, or another special occasion. I love and cherish these the long skirts and ruffle shirts.

Here are two creations with the April Kit! I still have some other work that is in come back later this week for some more goodness from The Story Matters.

Three More Layouts !!! Here they are....



  1. Great lo's, lovin' the Lovely one!!

  2. Love the way you display our family history Kim. My poor kids only see pictures on our screen saver!


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