Wednesday, April 21, 2010


{Photos courtesy of Tracey}

Today I have been cleaning up my computer and I found these photos. This group has been my creative 'home' for the past 2 years. I love this group of Rusty Pickle women. We have shared so much. Creative and non-creative, these women understand. It aches me to think that this will be no longer. I think this is part of the reason my creative spirit is on hiatus right now. I am in creative crisis mode right now. All of these girls continue to inspire me. They are from all over the USA and the world! And not all of them are even represented here. {There are several that wouldn't even come out into the cold with us!} Sigh, those are some good memories. Thank you.


  1. These are great photos.. What a fun time.. We will stay in touch.. Im with you. I havent created anything at all.. My creative mojo seems to be gone :(

  2. Such a great time! So sad it's over!


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