Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here is our family picture for the month of March. It was taken at the Guardian Easter Egg Hunt. Brrr it was cold! But the kids love it and received tons of fun loot.
Here are a few tidbits about our month:

The kids' rooms are driving me CRAZY! They are always a mess. How do I get them to pick them up and have a desire to keep them clean? April is going to be Operation: Clean Room month.

Craig has been traveling more for work this month. California and Texas.

Christian and Sydnee ran the St. Patrick's Day Race at CASI. It was cold, and the rain held out. Ella and I had fun watching them, and eating Lofthouse cookies afterwards.

I almost had a nervous breakdown this month. I registered my baby for Kindergarten and went to a meeting about my oldest starting Junior High School.

We were able to see our neighbor perform with her Show Choir and also in the school musical "Anything Goes!" Christian and Sydnee enjoyed the musical after I finished explaining that not everyones mom will wash their mouth out with soap if they say a bad word. Both of these events made me miss high school just a little bit.

We are the proud owners of a new washer and dryer. Craig and the kids' were excited to learn how to start a load in the washer and transfer it to the dryer. That excitement lasted less than 12 hours.

The kids went to the dentist. Ella found out she has 6 cavities. Why is this always so hard on the parent? I feel like a failure in the teeth-brushing department.

We went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid on the first day of Spring Break.

Ella and Sydnee love to go to the school skating parties. Mom likes to remember her Classic Skating party days...when the skates didn't hurt her feet so much.

Christian spoke in Sacrament Meeting for the first time. His talk was on how God shows love for us and how we can show love in our families. He did a great job. We were very proud.

This month I am grateful for a healthy family. I am grateful for amazing friends who have the strength to endure hard, hard things. I feel cliche in saying that life has its ups and downs, but that is just what life is. And I guess that is what makes it worth living.


  1. Oh I feel your pain --- the clean rooms. It only gets worse as they get older. Agh!!! And... good for you for teaching them how to use the washer/dryer. I told my kids when they hit middle school they were on their own. They both do their own laundry -- the laundry room is now a disaster, but the lessons they are learning outweight the mess.

  2. Oh.. I loved this post! I miss you guys so much and it was fun to read through all the ordinary day stuff you've been up to. I was just barely talking to Sherry about the whole "how do we get the kids to keep their rooms clean" thing. Just know that you're not in it alone. We're all going through the same struggle.. and we've had our fair share of teeth issues too! No fun.. In fact to wrap it all up, I tend to feel like a failure at a lot of things as a parent more of the time than not. Oh well, just gotta take it one step at a time, huh.

  3. yep, I remember having my oldest start junior high the same year my little one started kindergarten. Thought that kindergarten would have me crying more, but I didn't start to cry until I dropped my little one of at the elementary and the older one then started down the hill towards the middle school. If it makes you feel any better about the whole teeth/cavity problem, my youngest is not losing her baby teeth and so they are pulling them all out, 2 at a time, every few months. Nothing like seeing your poor child in pain and know that you have to do this for their own good, but of course you don't want too. Good luck

  4. I love this post.....and for some reason I am reading it now for the first time. You guys are awesome...

    I know how you feel about Ella going into Kindergarden. I feel the same way thinking about Parker entering Pre-school. They grow up so fast!!


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