Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

We have done lots...{and I haven't taken one picture!}
Slept in until 8 am
Cleaned out kids' closets {work before play}
Went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid with 2 friends from the neighborhood
Played outside in the FABULOUS weather
Sidewalk chalk creations
Fast lunch and dinner meals...who has time to stop playing to eat?
Golfing at Red Hawk
Car washed inside and out
New kites prepped and ready
Planted seeds {crossing our fingers they will sprout inside before it is time to plant outside}
Soccer practice
Clean kids. Nails clipped and polished.
Ready for another fun day of NO PLANS and NO SCHOOL!

I did think about taking pictures several times during the past 2 days..but I just didn't want to interrupt the spontaneity of it all.


  1. See, if they are use to carrying about the camera, they won't even notice. I don't ask for poses... just once in a while call their name while I have the focus ready... :)
    Take pictures. You won't have anything else to remember it by. :)

    Heard Wimpy Kid was horrid, was it?

    We're hitting the dragon movie today. :) I NEED to clean my van!! Been putting THAT off! LOL!

  2. Sounds like fun! We have spring break next week and can't wait to see what fun things this new town has to offer!

  3. Hey, I like the new blog design! Enjoy your last day of spring break :)

  4. kim, i love how you make even the work sound fun!


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