Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grandparent Holiday

We were the 'halfway house' for my parents while they road-tripped to Florida to see my little brother get his gold wings in the Navy. So we got to see them twice within a week! My kids love when grandpa and grandma come to our neck of the woods. They get to experience the everyday pulse of our life and immerse in what we are doing 'right now'. Which I think is a great way to see us!
On the first couple of days that they were here we went to see the bald eagles on the Mississippi River. We have lived here four years and never seen the birds while they vacation on this part of the river for the winter. It was amazing {and cold} but amazing! Those eagles are as big as Ella! I think that is why she headed back to the van where grandma was eagle-gazing...didn't want to get swooped away and her toes were frozen.
More about their trip tomorrow.
BTW....I hope you are enjoying the 'new look' of the blog. I have a wonderful friend who is very computer-saavy; and she has made this place look fab! I am still working on a few of the pages up top, but didn't she do an amazing job??? Thanks, friend.


  1. It's so cute to see your parents spendin' time with the your kids, it looks like they're all having lots of fun!

    Love the new look and fancy-shmancy categories up top.. oh! and the cute little underlining border thingy at the end of each post too!

  2. I bet it is wonderful for your parents to be there with you and see your everyday life! What a fun time! You have great parents!!!


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