Thursday, January 21, 2010

{snow day art...

Last week, Sydnee had to take a bunch of small items to decorate a snowman at school. We collected popcorn seeds, noodles, cotton balls, qtips, buttons, ribbon, and all things crafty from my stash. When the project was finished, she brought the extras home. Well, the next 2 days of school were snow {ice} days. So this bag of extra stuff became her tools for creation! I am not sure what book they read at school to spark the ideas for creating their snowmen, but this is the book that I thought of. I love the photographs & pictures...they are 'real' much fun for creativity! are the creations from the post-school project:
Snowman on Swingset
Snowman and Me
Button Crazy {I love seeing her name written in cursive}
**For those who are wondering what to do with the piles of art creations that you just can't throw away....take pictures of them....then throw them away {but do this when the kids are at school and you can take the garbage out immediately.} Then create a book by printing the pictures and putting them in the photo album or create a book on Shutterfly. This is of course on my mile long to-do list...


  1. How cute are those creations? I've thought about photo part but making a shutterfly book -- genius --- I'm gonna do that someday too!

  2. Love 'em!! The last one looks like the little Dr. Seuss "Thing"

  3. Genius idea to take pics of their work. Why didn't I think of that one? We too did snow day are and had an art gallery on the floor for a few days. I thought they were going to cry when the gallery had to go out. A picture will solve all my problems.... well, most of them. Thanks Kim.


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