Friday, January 22, 2010

{gritty crochet flowers...

Look at these crocheted headbands! Aren't they so cute?????
My friend makes them and they make winter look fabulous
This is my friend who is selling these crocheted headbands. I have this one also...but loved her there you are.
I wore this the day after I got it in the mail! But my picture....not as cute as you see here. {But it made me feel sassy as I was walking through Target doing my grocery shopping.}

**Snapped these pictures just right before she headed out the door to preschool!

Go here to see all the styles she makes....i now need another order of skinny bands since spring is just around the corner...right??? right???
{Wednesday & Yesterday were ice home...can you say cabin fever!!}


  1. oh these are so great! off to check them out!

  2. So cute! On my list of things to buy when I have money .... will that ever happen?

  3. To my best-est friend ever... THANKS for the shout out on my yummy yarn goodies! It's great to have people comin' to look at them, hopefully they'll want some of their own!

    I sat up a paypal acc. last night and posted photos of all the different styles down the sidebar on my blog! Thanks for all the good tips.

  4. Oh.. and Ella looks so deliciously cute in that 2 strand pink one!

  5. Lovin those headbands!!!! Hey were your ears burning last weekend? I was on a scrapbook weekend with Christine Barber and she said "Hey... we have a friend in common....KIM!!" We sang your praises..we did, we did!!

    Hope all is well with you and your cute family. Love reading your blog.

  6. Lovin those headbands!!! Hey, were your ears burning last weekend?? I went on a scrapbook retreat with a bunch of women. Christine Barber was there and she said "We have a friend in common.....KIM!!" We sang your praises, we did, we did!

    Hope all is well with your cute family. I've loved reading your blog.


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