Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Forgot...

It got a little bit crazy at the end of October and through November....and I forgot to share a few highlights from the end of the year {2008}

In November, we went to Utah to see our family and for me to attend the Rusty Pickle Retreat. Can I just say that this weekend was AMAZING! I loved getting to know many more of the Rusty Pickle Chefs {Design Team} and creating with them for Three Whole Days! I did not want this weekend to end...I learned many things that weekend. #1...I am a slow scrapper. I can get ladies to move through a class in 2-3 hours, but I am slow.....I have learned to enjoy the journey {in class and in life} and I was just enjoying being the student, and being creative through my own process...{and I am still sanding ladies ;)} #2...There are some wickedly creative women out there.....from all over the world....I learned so much from each of them. Mostly to let go & have fun...again Enjoy the Journey. These are amazing women {and one talented guy - Mr. Pickle}.
Thank you to Mrs. and Mr. Pickle & the rest of the Rusty Pickle team for putting this creative weekend together!

Here are some of the cousins we were able to see. My parents enjoyed my kids during the week that we were in Utah and we also saw some cousins up was awesome. My kids love their was hard to leave after the week they were together.

Oh yeah....we did also celebrate Halloween.....forgot to post about it. We had Igor {from Young Frankenstein}, a pirate, and Snow White!

Just had to add this pic of Snow White at it!

We also carved pumpkins with our could I forget that???? It was a fun night! The kids especially loved the inside mess from the pumpkins....I just like the carving part! Did I forget anything else???
Good 2008 memories....

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  1. WOW Kim, I'm so jealous. Remember when we went to CKU Anaheim? What a dream come true!


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