Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Maren!

Sorry Maren, I think my jumping picture beats you and Hay...{click on the pic for a closer look ;)}...

I know these pictures are pretty far away...but this is probably one of my favorite memories with my sis...Happy Birthday! Miss ya!


  1. Hi Kim, my name is Marcy and I'm from Pittsburgh. I came across your blog and I love the font you have on your blog. Is it Papyrus font? Do you know how I can add that to my blog? Mine only has 8 basic fonts and I'd like to spice it up. My blog is and my email is
    Any info you could offer would be great. Thanks, Marcy

  2. KIM! Thanks for this post, I haven't had much time being online lately. Thanks for remembering me sure means alot. This is one of my fav memories too! GOOD TIMES!


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