Sunday, January 18, 2009

60 Things...

Today is our Dad's 60th Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! He didn't want a big party, or fanfare. So instead his six {6} kids got together and each made a list of the things we love about him. So here is that list, it is 60 things we love about him. There are more than 60,but you get the idea...

Love you Dad...for these reasons and more!


1. He is thoughtful.

2. He loves to play with the grandkids and have them around.

3. Loves to read, always knows a good book when you need one.

4. Always tells you how much he loves you.

5. He payed for me to serve a mission, it was the greatest gift I was ever given from him.

6. I love the things dad has always created out of wood. His architectural design.

7. I know he loves our Heavenly Father and has a close relationship with him.

8. Like a cat he has 9 lives. I don't know what we would do without him here.

9. He is the rock of our family, a very strong foundation.

10. His grandkids say... they love to have sleepoverss with him.


11. He connects with his grandchildren in quiet, consistent ways.
12. His creativity.

13. His legacy and love for books that has passed on to me.

14. He has a way of knowing when something is wrong or right with you. He always knows; even when I haven't told him.

15. My dad will do something that no one else wants to do. He can figure things out when everyone else has given up.

16. He illuminates comfort. You are always comfortable around him. He makes everyone feel welcome.

17. He tells a great story.

18. He is always up for anything fun!

19. His love for his family is never in doubt or question.

20. His ways are simple. He gives. He works hard. He laughs. He loves.


21. He gives great advice and counsel.

22. Good listener.

23. Great handy man and alway willing to help fix anything around the house.

24. He makes the best mickey mouse pancakes on Sunday.

25. He makes cool toys for the kids in his wood shop.

26. Always has time for family and grand kids, no matter what.

27. He is a peacemaker.

28. He has a great smile that lights up the whole room.

29. Has taught us hard work.

30. He always provided great family outings like camping, roasting marshmallows in the back yard just to name a few.

31. Loves unconditionally.


32. Love for his family

33. Skill and hard work he applies to any project

34. His humility

35. Love for the Savior

36. He will call me just to hear my voice

37. Taught me to respect and love the outdoors

38. Dad sacrifices so much to help in any way he can

39. His love for his country

40. He is always learning. Through NPR or the books he reads

41. He finds humor in almost any situation


42. His quiet nature.

43. How he listens and tries to understand what you are going through. And always offers helpful advice.

44. His sense of humor, people who don't know him very well don't realize how funny he can be.

45. How much time he takes to sit and play with his grandkids, reads to them, takes them for walks, etc.

46. His willingness to always help, whether its moving, fixing something, or to be there for emotional support.

47. His strong testimony.

48. His example of being such a wonderful member and strong preisthood holder

49. Always a goodbye hug and kiss.

50. He isn't afraid to show his emotions.

51. I've always been very proud of his talent, telling my friends about what a wonderful craftsman he is.


52. His smile.

53. His unconditional love for everyone.

54. How much he loves his grandchildren, he'd do anything for them.

55. Such a hardworker.

56. How much he taught us to work hard for what we want in life.

57. The peacemaker, he has always taught us to keep peace in the home and showed us a great example of it too.

58. His great love for the gospel and how greatly he expresses it.

59. The emotional side of him, you know when he expresses his emotions he truly feels it.

60. How service oriented he is. As long as its helping someone he'll make sure to be there and make sure its done.

61. He loves to see us succeed and really supports us in doing so.

62. His great hugs, you know what I'm talking about. Its like a bear hug mixed with a hug you'd get from a best friend.


  1. What a Cute idea... I loved seeing these pictures!

  2. What an amazing dad you have! I was crying the whole way through. His kids think the world of him... and it shows!

  3. Happy Birthday Uncle Grant! Many of the comments from your kids remind me so much of Grandpa. As for me, I remember being in your home one Sunday when your ward was fasting for a boy who was very ill, cancer or heart problems perhaps. I remember the prayer you offered for him and the tears your shed. I was touched and impressed by your example of faith, and your closeness to the Spirit. Thank you.

  4. What a great post. I loved reading each child's favorite things. Your Dad Rocks!! Happy Birthday Grant!


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