Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Bother Me...We Are Trying to Celebrate

I know, I know....this blog is never updated anymore. Why? We are busy! We are busy getting into the holiday mood! It has been fun around here. Fun, and FREEZING! {OK I am trying to keep this positive!} This year I let my kids decorate the tree {and I didn't go back and fix it!} We made a gingerbread house {thanks to G&G!} We made a Christmas countdown chain {thanks to the other G&G & preschool.} We have been having some Christmas fun, and we still have lots more to do! So I will try to post more, but I am not making any to make some more hot chocolate...{did I say it was cold here????? 3 degrees while I am typing this....positive, positive thoughts!}

Oh yeah, this is the other reason I have not been blogging....ROCKBAND!


  1. You little stinker.. I've been wanting to make a successful gingerbread house.. well - my whole life and never have! Isn't that just sad : ( Waaaa, Waaaa-- I knew you'd understand. Now how the heck did you get the frosting thick enough to hold all those goodies in place. I've tried the store bought ones and the frosting never works for me. Yours looks like it's supposed to be adorning the cover of Martha Stewart!

    I didn't know you guys had Rock Band.. looks and sounds like you've all been enjoying it. Love the tree too, everything you've been doing sounds all so magical.

  2. Your gingerbread house looks awesome. We were going to do one, but decided to start small with the GB cookies. They tunred out year we will veture out and do a GB house.

    Love the Rock Band picture. I can just see the whole family rockin out!!

  3. Cute stuff Kim! We have that exact same Santa picture with the same number of cotton balls on his beard! Too funny. And here it is, what, Dec. 18th now? :-)


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