Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Preparations

Last-minute work treats...
Ahh...the smell of a new book....

And my favorite:
Old ornaments made new again. {These are some ornaments from a advent calendar that my grandma & mom made many years ago. I have fond memories of counting the days until christmas on the chubby felt tree that we pinned these to. Don't these look great in this frame??? I was thrilled to make this as my newest Christmas decoration.


  1. I LOVE these three new posts! Grit-tay!!!!

    Those work treat bags are SOOOOO cute, and I love your new decoration. What a great way to make use of something nostalgic and close to the heart... Tell Christian we loved his Christmas song on the piano - WAY TO GO, DUDE!!! and the snow day pictures, HOW FUN! Love the snow angel picture, the one of Ella peeking out of the snow fort and the one of Christian flying through mid-air on his sled, I guess that means I just love them ALL! What can I say...

  2. I LOVE your advent twist! What a fun way to share the traditions of your childhood!! I love, love, love it!

  3. I love the old ornaments! They are so cute! They remind me of my childhood!


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