Thursday, June 26, 2008

My 'Other' Bookclub...

Tonight is NYOBC {Not Your Ordinary Book Club} at my LSS. It is all about doodling, journaling, & handwritten fonts. The book is titled Scribbles! This is a layout I did with no picture...just journaling.
I used to hate my own handwriting. Now I love it and feel very comfortable writing my journaling. A few years ago I purchased Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp. I read the small book, practiced for a bit in the workbook, and just got a feel for my style. I recommend this book to anyone that has to go home after the crop and type their journaling. Enjoy!


  1. Very Cute! Your trip sounded fun. Wishin' you were here in Utah!

  2. I had a blast at Book Club! I went to Dollar General and bought a Bic perm marker for a buck. I have been practicing!! I love the thickness of this marker. I wrote a 5 page note to Michael's grandmother with it to practice. I could see I improved as I wrote. I am EXCITED to add my own handwriting to my pages!!

    I have a TON of pictures from Day Camp. I'll get them to you this week via your email addy. Could we get together to scrapbook them? Or you do your pages and I'll just copy them? LOL Joseph loved going with Christian! And Michael said not to worry.. He will get him to get his Bear earned before he turns 10 in December.


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