Friday, June 6, 2008

Going Back In Time

On Memorial Weekend, my brother {Tay} & his wife {Sherrie}, and two boys came from Florida to see us. We met them in Nauvoo on Wednesday to see all the sites, then I took their boys home with me for the night, so they could spend the day together in Nauvoo on Thursday. Then they stayed through the weekend! I could give you a long travelogue, but instead:

*We had one of the 'best days ever' in Nauvoo. Perfect weather, the kids got to play at Pioneer Pastimes, and the drive home was silent. {Easton is probably the best baby I have ever encountered.}

*Ella has a new friend. Even with a few squabbles, Mackay & Ella played so well. Especially when the kids were at school on Thursday and Friday. Mackay is alot like Easton, very easy-going.

*Poopy diaper & garbage can {Only a few know why I want to remember these sentiments :)}

*I had a shopping buddy. Sherrie and I got to sneak away a few times to shop. I don't get to do that at all, and I hate to do it on my own. We had fun in some of our fav stores.

*Gnats bug. Especially when they are covering you from head to toe in less than 30 minutes. Yikes!

*Craig cannot stop reminding me about how well Sherrie scoops ice cream. I am practicing, really I am.

*Sorry Tay, but you drive like Dad. {But I love being around you. You make me laugh, just like a Burton should.}

*For one weekend I almost felt baby hungry. Easton is perfect. He is so easy going. Then Craig reminded me that he wasn't one of our babies. Our babies are not easy.

There are so many more memories, but I think the best part about it was that we were together. I haven't really spent time with this great couple since they were married. Since they are 'In The Navy' they are moving alot and we only get to see them when the rest of the family is trying to see them so it gets a little crazy and a little hard. But this weekend was easy and really, really fun.


  1. Sounds fun... glad I at least got to meet your sister-in-law! {too bad she was without icecream at the time!} :)

  2. We miss you already! I can't wait to come back.

  3. looks like lots of family fun!! Wish we could have been there.

  4. We do need to plan a FAMILY, all of us getaway. Or reunion. Where should we meet? Definately not Nebraska. Wow, I really didn't like that state both times I drove through it. McKay and Ella look so cute together.


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