Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has Sprung

May from Fiskars sent me some Raindots and Heidi Grace ribbon and asked me to make a layout for the Fiskateer Blog. You can check it out here...
{My nieces and nephew are the cutest!}


  1. I checked out the fiskars blog & I have to say that your layout is the best out of the 6 others. I love your RP book that you just taught over the weekend also. Your talents just inspire me so much! Have a wonderful day!!

    Your "new sister" from Carlsbad...

  2. Your LO came out cute! Love the ribbons for the stems.

  3. Way to go you secret agent, you! Very stealth-like and your work is GREAT!!!

    Fiskateer 3179 adores you!

  4. Okay, Kim...gotta say your LO is far and away the BEST on the Fiskateer's blog!! Between the Fiskateer thing and the Pickle thing and whatever else you have going on that I don't know about, I'm not worthy to be considered your scrapbooking friend! Let's face it, I just don't measure up-- but I aspire to be as good as you (and a couple of your really good friends who shall remain un-named)!


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