Friday, September 21, 2007

Through the Bellybutton

I just have to record the conversation that I had with my children at the dinner table last night. Dad was working late so we were just sitting around eating corn dogs, quesadillas, and fries. Very nutritious. We were just talking about Grandpa and Grandma Burton and how they were in Disneyland that day. Christian then said that he was the only child in our family that had been to Disneyland. Sydnee then argued that she had also been to Disneyland, because I was pregnant and she had been in mom's belly when we were last there.

Christian: "Well, you couldn't see anything except the front of her stomach."
Sydnee: "No, I would just look through the belly button and see Mickey Mouse and all of Disneyland!" Then she was giving the OK sign over her widened right eye and looking back and forth with that silly Sydnee face, you know the one...

We were all on the floor laughing. Even Ella. Sorry, just had to write about it here. What funny kids I have!


  1. Now that is a story to tell future boyfriends. She has a great imagination!!!1

  2. oh man, that is a good one!! I cannot stop laughing!!!! Funny Sydney!

  3. I am laughing to myself out loud here!! I can totally picture that!! You better go write that down so you don't forget!! :)

  4. I love our children and the way they think. I'm sitting here with Kevin laughing my head off because i can see Syd doing that.


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