Friday, September 28, 2007

This Little Girl...Growing

Tomorrow, is Ella's Third Birthday. As I am looking through my photos of her as a baby, I just can't believe how she is growing. When we moved to Iowa, she had just turned one, was barely talking, and didn't have an ounce of hair. Now she talks to anyone that will listen and loves to have her hair done while she brushes her teeth in the morning.
Ella loves Cinderella and it is her movie of choice right now. We think it is so funny that she doesn't want to pretend to be Cinderella, but she is Anastasia, the wicked stepsister that rips Cinderella's dress. That is her favorite part. Peter Pan and The Incredibles are also her favorites. Ella loves books and can be found asleep in her bed at night surrounded by all of her favorites. She still loves Curious George books, and Little Critter is a new favorite. But basically anything that you will read to her, she loves. The usual evening routine for Ella once she is in bed is Craig or I will read to her and then when the other comes to say goodnight, they will be talked into reading another three books also. Sometimes Christian also reads to her, so on any given night she can have NINE books read to her! It is just her excuse so she doesn't have to go to sleep.
Ella loves being the youngest and pushing the chair up to the kitchen counter to wash the dishes or help with the cooking. She loves going anywhere in the car with her dad also. She enjoys seeing her friends at Sydnee's dance class, in nursery at church, and having playdates with Hallie and Reese. Since Ella and I are home during the day together, we love the quiet time playing games, walking outside, and shopping or running errands.
Hopefully she will be fully potty trained in the coming months, but we are in no hurry. We love you, Ella! Happy Third Birthday!


  1. Ella is getting sooo big. Next thing she'll have her own blog. Happy birthday Ella I love you

  2. what a beautiful picture! I cannot believe how long her hair has gotten and how cute it is curly like that.
    Happy Birthday Ella!!!

  3. Happy Birthday little Miss! Can't wait to play again soon! :)

  4. hhhcxmm66koln,znhreeeefdueffhan

    (Birthday wishes to Ella, from Hallie)

  5. You look so freakin cute Ella!! Happy, Happy Birthday. We love you and miss you sooo much. Wish we were there to celebrate your day.


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