Saturday, September 8, 2007

This week...

Soccer season started and Grandpa would be impressed with Christian's skills. He is really enjoying the game and our family has a great time watching his team play. Dad and Christian have been enjoying the golf game, but not quite enough. Craig works really, really, hard. And his job is like any job, super stressful. Sometimes I have to really try to tempt him with a game of golf with Christian or an evening watching football. He is always grateful when he takes some time to relax. Ella and I celebrated the kids going back to school last Monday with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. She has been begging us to take her there all summer. Since we haven't been since last winter, I thought it was about time. There was no one there but us...and she had a great time. Now she keeps asking to go to Jungle Bungle. One playland is enough for me.
We also had some great storms this week, and with that always comes a great rainbow. This picture isn't that great, but I promise some better ones that my neighbor captured as soon as she gets them to me. I love a rainbow. It is the perfect sign of hope in times of struggle or storm.
I have also been working on lots of paper projects, but they are secret....more to share in the weeks to come!

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  1. I hoping to put Colin in soccer next summer!! He all ready enjoys watching Papa golf so hopefully someday all 3 boys will be able to play together. Great pics!!


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