Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tim (Not Jim) Holtz

This guy has got to be the sugar daddy of CKU. He was so easy to approach and ask him any question you want. I have seen him at CHA, but was so star struck. Here at CKU, he was just one of the guys, the only guy! At the crop on Thursday night, my friend Erin, just walked up and asked him a question about embossing powder and he just sat at our table and talked, and talked, and talked. I learned so much from him. I took his Memories Under Glass class on Saturday and it is the hidden gem of CKU. Such a great idea for scrappers!
The other picture is of my hands working so fast on a pirate book in a Rusty Pickle class. Lance, Mr. Pickle, moves so fast, you really have to work quickly! But it was so fun. I have three unfinished Rusty Pickle projects, so as soon as they are done I will post some pictures. More tomorrow.....
**Edit: As I am looking at this picture a little bit closer...these are Lance Anderson's from Rusty Pickle's hands, not mine. Oops.


  1. Hehe, you didn't tell me "Jim" was so cool!! He just looks like he would be so fun to hang out with!! Still waiting for the Pickles!! :)

  2. Waiting to see you in Scrapaganza to get all the details of your CKU experience. I'm so jealous.


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