Thursday, April 5, 2007

Good, Good Week

Me, Sherry, & Sandee

Shopping @ Kuhl's
Sydnee & Sandee

Last week, my friend that I have known since Kindergarten with Mrs. Graham & Mrs. Hill, came to see me in Iowa. Sandee left her amazing husband and five kids in Orem, UT to spend the week with me and my see how it is done in Iowa. I can't even tell you what it was like to look over in the passenger seat of my minivan and see her sitting there! Craig was working nights, so during the day we went and had some fun. We had pedicures one morning with an American Idol recap. We went shopping at Kuhl's Under The Sun & Meant To Be. She came with me to Girl's Night Out and met some of the fabulous women that I have become friends with in Davenport. Then on Friday we drove to Kansas to see her sister, Sherry. And all I can say is that she is also an amazing woman! This was the first person to ever highlight my hair from mousy brown to fabulous blonde when I was in 9th grade. She is an unbelievable cook and we ate some amazing dishes while in Kansas. Salmon, Chinese Chicken Salad, Oreo Shakes, and two amazing breakfasts. Do you know how long it has been since someone has made me breakfast??? It was funny, I was taking notes as fast as I could of all the ins and outs of becoming organized and cooking with style. Sherry knows how it is done. It was an amazing week! I really don't know how to thank Andres' (Sandee's husband) and my husband for really giving us the opportunity to reconnect. It was a good one....When I left her at the airport, we really didn't know when we would see each other again. I kind of lost my breath for a second and then when I was on the long road home I realized that when we did see each other, it would be just like it was yesterday.


  1. So tell me about Kuhls under the sun and meant to be! It sounds like something I would like. I have the Heidi obsession and also the 7 gypsies obsession... oops!!! Did you get in on the big sale that H. had several Sundays ago? Big TROUBLE!!! I got 2 packs of 40 rolls of her tape and also the boy kit. I missed out on the girl kit.

  2. Kuhl's is in Eldridge and offers antiques and home decoration that is so cute!
    Barb, the owner is so amazing and it is a treat to shop at her store. It is a huge barn that is full of cool stuff. If you get off the exit in Eldridge and turn left when you hit the 2nd light, turn left. Head out about a mile past the high school and it will be on your right. Meant To Be is also another home decorating shop in Dewitt. It is on Main Street by the Oprahouse. Again, the owner is very friendly and I love to shop there. I missed the Heidi Swapp sale and I also missed the kits on her blog. My computer was out for almost two weeks and it really hurt.


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