Friday, April 27, 2007

3 Songs...

Well, I was at the store tonight, putting together kits for my 100 Things class tomorrow night. I had everything really spread out and I was wishing that I had my camera so I could post a picture here. It looked very cool with all the colorful Reminisce paper, ribbons, etc. So instead of posting a picture, my mind was taken back to three songs that I heard on the radio which was blasting while I was kit-making.
1. Raspberry Beret - Prince - This song took me back to elementary school friend Sandee (same Sandee as the previous post) and I would choreograph dances in her front yard during the summer. This was one of the songs that we loved. We played it over and over again, and I have it memorized to this day! "She walked in through the out door...out door."
2. Saved The Best For Last - Vanessa Williams - This song took me back to high school when I was getting ready to go to junior prom. I had this single on a cassette tape and played it every time I went to the tanning booth. I tanned at The Solarium in Draper, Utah. All of the tanning in high school is probably going to haunt me later in life. But this song triggered that memory in an instant.
3. Lean On Me - Not sure of the band/singer - My sophomore year of high school, I tried out for a singing and dancing group that traveled to elementary and junior high schools to perform songs that would help students say NO to drugs and alcohol. I was in this group for three years and met three of my best friends: Tammy Affleck, Keri Free, and Stephanie Roylance. This song was our Finale dance. What a great time I had within that group....many, many fun memories.
Well, that is it! I challenge each of you "peeps" to post three songs in my comments or on your own blog. Include the reason(s) each of the songs takes you back to a wonderful memory.
And to think these were my thoughts as I was making scrapbook kits at midnight inside Scrapaganza...

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  1. I instantly had 3 songs in my head!!! I can't wait to get back into town and blog all about them! (I will have to look up the artists, or "sing" them to people to ask who sang them) Have a great weekend!!


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