Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Childhood Christmas Memories

This was my favorite toy from Santa. I loved bouncing as hard and as fast as I could on this spring horse. I have so many vivid Christmas memories: handmade cradles for my favorite dolls; peering down the stairs and seeing a banana-seat bicycle; heavenly kids (wanna-be Cabbage Patch Kids); and so many others.

As a parent now, I want to also create that magical feeling of Santa for my kids. I want them to feel like I did so many times...not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve; falling asleep to the sound of Christmas music playing in the family room; waking up way too early and having to watch the clock slowly pass each hour until at least 6: 00 am! I hope that I can create the magic this year and for years to come...
I also love family Christmas traditions! Tomorrow I will make a list of the traditions that we have and also the traditions that I want to start!
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