Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christian's 8th Birthday

With it being Christian's b-day, I thought I should write a few important details of him @ 8 yrs. old...

He is growing - even though his dad thinks differently. We went for his physical with Dr. Omar and he said he was in great health. He weights 50 lbs and 47 7/8 inches tall.

Christian loves to play with Caleb. They are always together playing football, soccer, etc. Today it was remote control cars. They also love football and pokemon cards.

Christian hates to brush his teeth and hang up his coat. But he loves to read and play PS2. He is also into string tricks that Mrs. Holbrook, the school librarian, has taught him.

His Grandpa and Grandma have been here for Christmas and his birthday. His Grandpa has sure brought out his natural laugh. As his mom, I always feel I need to find ways to make him laugh. Grandpa is good at it, and it just come naturally.

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