Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Last Recital

Playing the piano.
Hearing my fingers flow across the keys
is now a forgotten sound.
I miss performing
I miss my grandma.
Every time the beautiful sound of the ivory keys are heard,
my heart is overwhelmed with past emotions.
Emotions that refresh the mind to times of happiness and also
     moments of sorrow.

Playing the piano.
Hearing my fingers flow across the keys
is now a familiar sound.
My mind is flooded with memories.
Within the silence of her living room
on a dark Sunday evening, I play a new piece,
a joyful melody.
She is the audience.
I hear her hands clapping; her voice complimenting me on
     a beautiful tune.

Playing the piano.
Performing for my grandma as she lays peacefully.
This recital is a chance to tell her how much I love her
by playing one final aria.
My mind is taken from that moment at the funeral,
back to the piano recitals at her home.
One last recital.
For one moment I can hear her hands clapping from heaven
Please don't let the piano stop or the song end.
The music now only runs
     through my mind.

Written November 3, 1998
I found this piece I had written in college as I was packing our house with the move to Texas.....must have been for some class, don't remember.  But I still remember this moment.


  1. Beautiful Kim. I have a feeling she is watching over us.

    Good luck with all the transitions you are going through. Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! That goes for moving too. :-)

  2. Harmony
    I am reminded of her often....
    Just this past Sunday we sang 'In Our Lovely Deseret' in sacrament kids couldn't figure out why I was crying and smiling as we sang "Hark! Hark! Hark! Tis children's music!" Took me back to The Spruces campground where we sang that every morning because it was Granny Bell's favorite hymn.
    Thanks for the comment, I need all the pep talks I can get with this doesn't get any easier, does it?!


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