Monday, November 25, 2013

Fiskars School Supply Cake

I recently went back to my 'roots' and I am teaching school. I am working the public school system once again and loving it.
While I am recertifying in Texas, I am working as a long-term sub teacher in 2nd grade. Teachers never have enough supplies.
So this cake would be great even as a Christmas present.
Since school started we have almost gone through all of our glue sticks.

 photo schoolsupplycake1_zps11f42c4a.jpg

{I know it kind of looks like it is the leaning tower of school tools, but I think that is just the picture.}
 photo schoolsupplycake2_zpse5480417.jpg
I fell in love with the Chalkboard Stack by DCWV when I made this project. I love, love, love it. The chalkboard trend is alive and kickin around here. photo schoolsupplycake3_zpsac5f5f98.jpg

 photo schoolsupplycupcake3_zps5cbd6773.jpg

 photo schoolsupplycupcake5_zps65a82291.jpg
I also created these mini supply cupcakes. Thought they would be great for the office staff and teacher aides. Just a few post its, paper clips, and a bag of erasers (sprinkles!) on top.

You can read more about this project HERE.

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