Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

I went through all of my September posts from the past 7 years & I have never written about my 9/11/2001 experience.
We had just moved into our first home over Labor Day weekend. I was 8 months pregnant & Christian was almost 3 years old. It had been an exhausting week of moving & getting settled in. Christian had slept later than usual, so I also slept in with him. When we woke up is was just before 9 am MST. I was getting him breakfast and he turned on the TV to watch cartoons. We didn't have any furniture down in our family room, since this was our first house & had a baby on the way. Just before I turned the channel to PBS, I saw that there was something interesting on the Today show. And then I saw it. The planes crash into the building. They kept showing it over and over again.
I immediately called Craig. He had heard about it on the way to work & they had been watching it on TV from the break room.
I sat on the floor of the family room, and just sobbed. What kind of world were we bringing this precious child into??
That kept going through my mind.
Every time I would look into Christian's sweet innocent eyes, I would cry.
We spent the rest of the day at home, watching the news. I had a list of errands and home projects to start, but going to Home Depot just didn't seem very important on that day.
Craig came home from work & I cried again. I checked on my brother, who was in the Navy; and we talked to many family members on the phone.
It was a quiet night.
I knew that for our children, life would be different. Changed. Forever.
Ella's soccer practice tonight...this is my life. 
Overall people are good. 
Grateful for this day.
Tonight as I put my kids to bed we talked again about this story. We didn't know anyone who had to go through the personal tragedy of losing someone on that day. But I think for all of us it was a day that the country we all knew was different now and would be for every day going forward. But we would go forward and we will continue to move forward & live every day with gratitude, joy, happiness, and probably some heartache. I am grateful for those people who continue to protect our country & for their families you also make sacrifices for our freedom. I will always remember.

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  1. I love this. made me cry. I feel like almost everyday I think to myself "what kind of world have I brought kids into." I actually said that earlier today to my motherinlaw and she said "its true, but these spirits need bodies" and people to teach them right from wrong. thanks sis I loved reading this.


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