Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I just can't wait for next Tuesday. This has been my favorite TV show since the beginning. There haven't been any TV shows I have watched this religiously. I laugh & cry during each episode.

A few weeks ago I was in Santa Clara and we walked from our hotel near Santa Clara University to a restaurant closeby. I felt like I was walking through the Braverman's neighborhood. Even though I don't live in Northern California, I feel like I can relate in some aspects of the show.
 Set your DVR! It is going to be good. {guest star: Ray Ramano!!}


  1. Right with you sister! I saw it pop up on my DVr and let out a "YES!". It is a great show. Hope Texas is treating you right!

  2. Right with ya sister! It popped up on my DVr and I let out a loud "YES!". So excited. It is a fave of mine too. Hope Texas is treating you right.


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