Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost 3 weeks

What I really need to write about is the move.
Not Pinterest.
Not Dr. Seuss.
Not Valentine's Day.
The Move.
I am avoiding it just a little. Can you tell?
Well, it has been just over 4 months since we said 'see you later' to Iowa and 'howdy' to Texas. (Ok, that was a bit too cheesy.)
It has been good times. Between the move from Garner Drive to the apartment, and on to the house.  From all the boxes & furniture that doesn't really fit and the garage that is too small.  Everything is bigger in Texas, except garages.  Just FYI. To the attic that is a little inconvenient. I will get to all that, but I am trying to keep this positive, but still real. I promise.

After we left our house on Garner Drive, we stayed with some friends for just over 2 weeks.  We were closing on our house and Christian had some school activities that he wanted to see through to the end.  We looked at an extended-stay hotel and many other options.  We had several friends offer for us to stay with them.  I was so grateful for everyone that was open to us crashing their homes for almost 3 weeks.  It seemed like it was going to be such an inconvenience  for any of these families.  We were going to camp out and be a part of their everyday.  We finally decided that it was the best thing for the kids & I to stay with friends instead of a cold, lonely hotel.
It was heaven.  I loved being in their home.  It felt so welcoming and comforting.  After everything that we had been through since we decided to move, it was such a safe place to land.  And to relax & breathe.
We cooked & baked.
We walked the dog.
We talked....& talked.
We watched movies.
We had dinner all together.
We celebrated.
The kids got along great.
Christian had a 'man cave'.
I got to snuggle with my littlest every night.
Most memories of this transition time would be filled with stress, anxiety, sadness, and heartache. Craig was already gone & had started his new job.  We had several big bumps with the final sell of our house.  We had to say our final 'see you soon' to so many friends and goodbye to Our Iowa.
But all I felt while we were staying with our friends was peace. They stood by us and made our last 3 weeks in Iowa heaven on earth. I was so grateful to go through this experience, and I could not have done it without them. I don't want to sound too spiritual; but this was an answer to a deep, sincere prayer.  They were our first step, our leap, into something completely new, and they made it so much easier. I will always remember the fun we had with them and for letting us be in their family for almost three weeks.
{I don't have a picture of my good friend (just her husband, daughter, and dog)...I am not sure how that happened. I will have to find one in my picture archives.} 


  1. K. I looovveedd this post about your move. You are so good at writing.. it was like I was going through it right there with ya! :)
    (I see ya got the link within thing now!!!) don't ya love it?!?!

  2. I love you Kim! Hang in there. The first year is tough. But we need more of your sunshine everywhere and I'm happy you've brought it to Texas. XOXO

  3. LOve this. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have a dear friend who swooped in during my last 2 days in Oregon, after my husband and the boys had left for Nevada, and just took care of me. She was there to watch Anna while I cleaned the house, let me borrow her van, was a gracious host for my last night in Oregon, drove me to the airport . . . . I have a post coming up about that one.

    I'm glad that you had a safe, warm, friendly place to just be during your transition. There really is nothing like a true friend.


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