Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Morning

A few days ago, I thought of the perfect title for this post.
This post was to be about all this time that has passed and I have not blogged. But I forgot what I was going to call it.
Oh well.
P.S. I know this for sure. I love my 50mm lens. Yes, I am in love.


  1. Kim- which 50 mm lens did you get? I am thinking that I will start with the less expensive one and learn it- before I spend the extra money for the more expensive lens.

  2. I love this post! Your family is so awesome! I hope you guys are doing well. We sure miss that boy in Primary! Do you think the kids could play sometime? We would love it!

  3. Rosie - I have the less expensive one, and have been using it with no exact training, except for a few tips from the photographer that sold it to me. It takes great pictures every time!
    Candi - syd's note on the faucet, and ella's on the mirror...

  4. love this post! I dream of having
    an awesome camera someday. Have fun! You are blessed sister!

  5. Love the picture of Christian and his friend sleeping.....Oh, how I wish that is how I could spend my Sunday mornings:)

    I love your camera too.....I am trying so hard to convince Ben, to buy one for me....unfortunately, it is not working too well...


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