Monday, September 13, 2010

Wildcat Den State Park

We decided to become 'one with nature' over Labor Day Weekend. We went hiking. When I tell people we went hiking in Iowa, they can only think of trekking it through a corn field. Earlier in the week, I googled 'hiking in iowa' and found a list of trails. This park was rated one of the best, and it wasn't far from our house. It was the perfect morning, just after a rain storm.

Iowa is full of beautiful hiking trails. This was one of our first, but definitely not our last. The trail was so green and full of interesting vegetation. The kids found lots of different fungi growing on the ground and in the trees. There is also an old school and mill that were fun to explore.

It was a perfect morning. The only thing I regret is not getting a picture of all 5 of us together. I enjoyed getting away from the cell phones, TV, wii, video games, computer, and just enjoying the world around us.

I really got the itch to go hiking because of holiday weekends growing up and all the adventures that my dad would take us on up in the canyons of Utah. Hiking is inexpensive, and with 6 kids, he was always finding something exciting for us to go and do.

I remember one particular Labor Day, we loaded up the twelve-passenger van ready for a holiday adventure. I invited my best friend, and we drove up Parley's Canyon for the Swiss Day celebration in Midway. My dad could not stop talking about all that he read about in the newspaper; this little town, yummy authentic food, walking, woodworkers selling their wares, games for the kids. When we came to the town, there wasn't a car on the streets. Dad pulled up in front of the main building and went to look around while 8+ anxious kids waited in the car. The celebration ended the Saturday BEFORE Labor Day.
BUT in my dad's true quick thinking, we went swimming at the Homestead, and everyone forgot about the party we missed.

Where do you find adventure and nature? Where are you making those memories that your kids are going to remember when they are grown?


  1. We love hiking too! You should try adding geocaching to your hikes or filling those odd minutes between dropping one kid off and picking up another one.

  2. I love your Labor Day memories and the pictures your kids took are precious! I love your blog and the way you view life. Your kids are adorable. Wow, time flies! It was fun to see your updates:-) Love to the Garners...

  3. thanks kim looks like a great adventure. we love the pictures of u guys


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