Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goin' Coconuts

I have been traveling with work for a few years now. And alot has changed since this crazy journey of me 'workin on the weekend' started. Craig has really taken the weekends with dad to another level, especially this year. When all this traveling started, he would keep the kids contained within the walls of the house as much as possible; barely even going out to get the mail. NOW he is a rockstar when it comes to the kids. He takes them to all of their soccer games, basketball camps, birthday parties, play dates, practices, summer activities, field trips, etc. This last week was a tough one for me and I didn't even get the grocery shopping done before I left.
When I called on Friday night, he had gone to the grocery store and done all the shopping.

And he bought a coconut.

This is what I love about Craig and the dad that he is. He buys things at the store that we really don't need, but are just 'fun for the kids'.
Every time I talked to the kids during the weekend they were telling me about this coconut:
"When you get home we are going to crack it open and see what is inside."
"We 'binged' about the coconut and there isn't milk inside, but just water."
"We watched a video on youtube about how to get the coconut open, but since we don't have a machete, we will use a hammer like Grandpa Norman did when he was here a long, long time ago and bought a coconut."
This is my husband, their dad, and I love him.

{P.S. Do you remember the movie 'Goin' Coconuts? When I was growing up, I saw it every summer at Starship Theater . It was a dollar each week during the summer. Back then a dollar included the movie, popcorn, adrink, and a jolly rancher stick!
If you know who is the star of that movie, leave a comment!}


  1. When I watched the kids that weekend, all they could talk about was how they couldn't wait for you to get home, so they could crack open that coconut!!!! They were very excited!!

  2. That's before my time :) I've never even heard of it!!

  3. Hey, maybe you've heard of "Bountiful Baskets," the West's way of getting fresh Mexican, Calif. and Arizona produce to homes all over the West. We pay $15 on Monday & on Sat. we get 7 veggies and 7 fruits from small farms. One week we got a coconut and were doing just what your kids were, looking up on the internet how to use it. It's hard to flake, but Keith did it and added it to our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mmmmmm good!


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