Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Preparations....

Today is a big day for miss ella.....6 years old {and she's in charge, so she says}
So I stayed up late last night making some decor. These are my first attempt at the them, but don't love them.
I do LOVE the happy birthday banner made from the Teresa Collins Celebrate paper and embellies!
Well, we had a nice breakfast of cinnamon rolls and opening presents. She is off to school with her pencils & play dough for all her kindergarten friends. I will be taking her some Chik-Fil-A for lunch {her favorite} then we will see what the birthday plans for the evening bring....I think there will be a few surprises {wink!}


  1. I love your decorations!! Can't wait to see the surprises!! :)

  2. Love that sparkilicious sun flare you captured on the photo of the tissue pom-poms hanging by the window!!! Well done! The decorations are all so cute, love the little "Ella" pin she's wearing too! Cute little Ella, I can't believe her and Tanner are already 6! Have fun tonight with the rest of the birthday celebration and surprises!

  3. LOve it! I want a pin for my shirt like Ella's.

  4. She is sooooo cute! Loved all the handmade decorations, you can see that it was made with lot's of love, and it looks beautiful! I love birthday parties... Happy Birthday, Ella!


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