Saturday, November 28, 2009

Strike That...Reverse It!

Ok...I am getting a little ahead of myself! I posted about our concert before I posted about my trip to Kansas City! I had to go to Kansas City for a Creating Keepsakes Convention and while I was there my bff came to visit her sister who lives in Kansas! So...what do you think this work weekend turned into?

lots of laughter and fun! Really, it was so much fun from the moment I arrived in Kansas City. Before I got there it wasn't very fun because it rained. It rained really HARD for the entire drive. But after I arrived it was F U N!

Oh yeah...I also forgot the moment I thought my hubby's GPS was stolen and I locked the keys in the rental car....

but the rest of the weekend was really....I mean it....FUN!

here's some proof:

I promised I wouldn't post any pictures here of our late-night crochet I don't have a picture of my bff's friend....the most amazing gal! Just look at her decorating skills....I love her entire house and want it for my very own. She is a great decorator for two reasons....everything in her house is organized and looks fabulous....and she loves good deals and amazing finds! She loves to shop the thrift stores and has some amazing furniture that she has literally found on the side of the road and painted and made beautiful again.

What a great weekend....

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  1. Man, in a way, it feels like this was forever ago... my little bff! Loved looking through some photos of our time together again. It made me miss it all. Can't believe it's Christmas time already, in 3 1/2 weeks to be exact it's Christmas day. AAAHHHHH! We just got back from CO and I'm already startin' to feel the stress of all the hustle n' bustle. If only I would get most of my shopping done before now.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I loved your quotes, of course. Love ya


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