Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bind-It-All Idea

I have a thousand blog posts running through my mind....I just uploaded over 300 pictures and this is the first one in the file. I loved this idea that I found on Shelly Hagaman's blog several months ago. I used the Bind-It-All Machine to put all my kids' flashcards together in one place! Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction tables; Alphabet; States, Animals, etc. etc.
You don't know how happy I was to get these organized and out of the broken boxes! It was such a breath of fresh organizing project down and a thousand to go!
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  1. How did I not think of this before? I'll be working on it today. Thanks!

  2. love this too-saw it on Shelley's blog, all the kiddos flashcards are sitting by my BIA waiting patiently

  3. This is a task person's dream come true! Where does one find one of these contraptions? I have tossed so many idea and practice cards because I find them scattered all around the house.

  4. what a fabulous idea!!! and I just bought a bind it all at scrapaganza not too long ago!


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