Thursday, July 16, 2009

While You Were Gone

Ever since I started traveling, Craig has really stepped up with the kids for the weekend. They are excited for time with Dad on Saturdays. It even seems lately that they ask me when I am going out of town so they can 'have fun with Dad'. This past Saturday, as part of the Enviro-Kids project in the Quad Cities, they went to West Lake to kayak & canoe. Let me just tell you...they had a fabulous time. That night on the phone they couldn't stop talking about it and as soon as I was home on Sunday they wanted to show me the pictures. These pics were taken on Syd's camera and the video is priceless. Enjoy!


  1. SOO Awesome, & we have missed everyone soo far, i'm bummed!

  2. This happend around here too when I started teaching classes on saturday! My husband started doing fun thingswith the kids. Loved the pictures!
    I translated the HP post for you!
    We have just moved to a new city, in the very south of Brazil, and it is colder than where weused to live. My daughter is really excited with her new winter boots! I promisse to transled my posts again from now on! Life has been crazy this last month. Love, Débora

  3. I can't wait for Gene to have the opportunity to do things like that with the girls... your kids will remember those days. The girls talk about things they did with Gene before he left like it was yesterday. It is and will be a beautiful family story.

  4. Looks like they had lots of fun! Have they started MAKING plans for you on Saturdays???

  5. What a cute Dad! That is awesome that he takes them to do fun stuff while you are traveling. I miss Craig. He makes me laugh. Can you come out again?


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