Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Then Georgia

Ate at a good local restaurant...

Taught some classes to some amazing students...

Made some new friends {hi Lauren & Mandie!} and saw some old ones {my friend Kathie!}

This one is for Candi...{saved HS product}
So the story behind all the fabulous Heidi Swapp scrapbooking products...Advantus was at the Scrapbook Expo and at the end of the show they threw all the HS products in the dumpster and put pink and white paint all over them so they wouldn't be resold...I am not sure why they do this but I know there were better things they could have done with the product...like donated them??? So after Lauren rescued all the product from the dumpster, we took it all out of the packaging and Lauren took the supplies to a local Atlanta special needs day camp. Again, I know that Heidi Swapp had nothing to do with this, but I am not sure why Advantus thought this was a solution for unwanted product.
I was inspired by my friend Mandie's post...leave a comment here and you will receive a bunch of Heidi Swapp goodies...there was plenty to go around :)....leave a comment by Monday, July 27th {my birthday} and I will draw a winner!!!


  1. Good for you girls for saving that HS product and making sure it went to a good place....will sure make me think twice about buying from them again....even if it isn't Heidi's fault. A big downer.

  2. What a huge shame! What good would even come of that!?!
    Thanks so much for saving it all and for doing right.
    I am stunned!

  3. That is crazy that they would do that. Way to go girls for stepping up and "saving" the product, but more than that, donating it to a group that loves to have supplies given to them. I just don't understand what would make them do that. Not only that, why couldn't they sell the product. ANYWAYS....you did a good deed! Hope your summer is going well!

  4. That is kinda lame, huh?? But I am ALWAYS in for a drawing! I never win any of the online RAK's,b ut I keep trying! :)

  5. i couldn't quite believe it when I read this! But Oooo OOoo pick me!

  6. Thank you Kim for saving my beloved Heidi products!!! Please don't shy away from supporting her!!! ...or "scrapsmack" her, as I'm sure she knows nothing of what Advantis does with it. It is a shame... maybe we should all e-mail a little something to Advantis?!?!

  7. I know this had nothing to do with Heidi, but the company Advantus. Heidi Swapp is wonderful. I can't say enough good that comes from her. I have met her and she has answered every one of my emails from the beginning of this whole crazy hobby. This is not a mistake by her...

  8. You dumpster divers you, I mean DIVA's to the rescue. Hope things are going well with you. I love the photos of you baby girl she is precious. Love HS things, thanks for carrying on!

  9. That stinks that they would just waste perfectly good supplies! What a fabulous idea to share with those in need (oh and that special needs camp too. j/k). Miss you Kim! Wish you would be at the reunion with us....we'll be missing you!


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