Monday, February 2, 2009

Project 365

No, I have not been taking pictures every day since the beginning of 2009. But I did just go into my dashboard on blogger and realize this is my 365th post to my blog! So now I do have a Project 365...getting this blog made into a book. I am on my way to blurb {where you can make your blog into a book!}
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  1. Kim, sorry I missed you! I did meet Penny so that was nice. I see you have some of that yummy Jenni Bowlin stuff!! I LOVE those bingo cards!!! I grabbed a couple! I will be back. Loved the store! Shelley

  2. These are so cute.. I totally love the bingo cards.. I have never seen those before..

  3. Kim those are such cute pages. I love your scrappin' style. Congrats on the 365 posts, chatty girl.

  4. Love your usual!!
    I might have to 'borrow' some ideas! You know me...always looking for something new!


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