Monday, February 16, 2009

All Things Gritty...

{My friend who created the gritty blog & I}
Many of my friends have heard me say, "Ooohhh that is just gritty!" Then they look at me and laugh. It is really hard to explain what is gritty. It is a word that was created by my best friend and her sister. It can be so many things....but when it catches your just know. It can be something cute, something 'put together' just perfect, something old, a new idea, when you see it you know that it is gritty.

Well, I am always calling my best friend and giving her ideas for blogs that she needs to start. And now she has started one {this wasn't one of my ideas though} and it is....well just gritty. Check it out!


  1. Hey there... of course I remember you!!!
    So glad you dropped by and left a note. Nice to know Jon's spirit lives at the pickle!! LOL

    Stay well... :) drop me a note anytime! love to hear from you

  2. Kimmy... Oh-- Kimmy, Kimmy!!! {LOL: what does that remind you of? The movie "Hello Again." Remember how much we used to watch that.. Ahh, the good times}. We NEED to watch that the next time we are together!

    Thanks for puttin' the word out to your GINORMOUS FAN BASE to visit "All Things Gritty," my goodness.. I got more traffic from all over the world yesterday than I would in a month normally.. you're the best-est of the best!

    ..And I must say your definition of "GRITTY" was so well put. I think I'm goona have to post that on the side bar of my blog. Oh and speaking of gritty... have I ever told you that your hot chocolate header is grittilicous!

    Love ya =o)


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