Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frozen Lipgloss...

just because you always need a picture when you post...Maren and Kirsten...
I went out to my van yesterday, to go visit a few friends, and my lips were so dry from the heat turning on every other minute at home that I needed some relief, and my lipgloss was frozen....SOLID! It is cold here, a frozen tundra is the scientific term, I think. I know I have said it before, basically to anyone that calls to talk, but it is cold, cold, cold!
I got my camera back from Sony and I don't have a picture of the 32 pages of the school yearbook that I am suppose to have finished, or the layout that I want to be working on, or the paint project that needs to get started. But I do have a lovely quote from Ella:
"I have lots of friends, huh. Avery, Hallie, Jordan, and Dana."
(Three of the four mentioned are under the age of four...the other friend, is......29?) Have a great day!
I almost forgot: Happy Birthday to my Middle Sis, Maren!
*I had to edit this post because it sounded like a bit of rambling! Hope this is better!


  1. Hey Kim!!! It's Alicia Bendall! I have a new blog cause I'm getting married!!!

  2. Where's your music, Kim? I miss it! Sometimes I pull up your blog just to listen.Please bring it back! :o)

  3. thanks for thinking of me kim, I hate that pic of me but kirsten is adorable so that is all that matters. Hope the frozen tundra defrosts soon! LOL


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