Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fiskateer #2700

Just last Friday, I was telling my friend that I needed a new pair of scissors. My scrapbook scissors had recently been taken out of my scrapbook bag and put into the junk drawer so they are used to cut everyday items. We use them to open boxes, cut wire, open packages, everything! I was trying to cut something for a scrapbook project and I could tell they were pretty worn out.
So today, Sydnee brings in the mail with a box from Fiskars. Happy mail! A few months ago, I registered as a Fiskateer on their website. I was #2700. I didn't know when I registered, I would receive the cutest, orange and green Fiskar scissors ENGRAVED with my FISKATEER #! Just snipping with them sounds heavenly...
Go here to register:
Thanks Fiskars!


  1. How cool is that??? Your friend, Fiskateer #3092

  2. Ooo, I'm going to have to get on there and sign up. A new pair of scizzors is way gritty.

  3. Thanks for the info.. I just signed up myself... P.S. your journal is in Erin B's hands ;) ~Deanna


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