Sunday, February 25, 2007

My O Experience (Part 2)

At 6:00 am they started filing us into the waiting room. They had a small parfait and water or juice to eat for breakfast. While waiting, we watched highlights from different Oprah shows on big screen TVs. All around the room there were these huge poster size photos of Oprah with different guests. Candi, Christi, Jodi, and I were sitting right below the picture of Oprah with the girls from Sex and the City (hee hee hee)! At 7:30 am they started calling our names to go into the studio. Since we were there so early, we thought we would have a great seat! But they start calling people that our friends of the producers and friends of the staff, after about 120 people were called, then Candi's name was called for her party to come to the studio. We were going in! The studio was smaller than it looks on TV, but it was amazing that we were walking into the Oprah studio. We sat in the middle, near the control booth. The producers came out and explained that this was a pre-Oscar show, and we needed to watch the Oscar special that was hosted by Oprah so we would be able to follow her comments during the show. So we watched the special with Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, and Sidney Poitier and Jaime Foxx. The best part was definitely George and Julia. They were like two old friends just meeting together for dinner!
After we watch the Oscar special, the producers came back out and started getting us excited for Oprah to step onto the stage. They would let people ask questions and practice making comments into the microphone in case Oprah talked to them or she allowed questions during the interviews. The lady that was in charge of booking was also on the stage during this time. Her name was Chavon, and she remembered every person that she talked to on the phone about getting last-minute tickets. Candi stood up and talked to her also and she remembered her right away because Chavon said that Candi was shaking and couldn't write down the phone number to call back if she was able to use the four tickets. It was so funny. She had a photographic memory. At about 9:15 am just as we were talking and laughing someone just ran in and said that Oprah was on her way down. Just 20 secs. later she was walking into the studio and everyone was screaming! It was amazing! We all just started to cry! She just has this pressence that is unbelievable. And my first impression was that she is tiny! Oprah started talking to us and she had this horrible cold! She had a fever and she voice sounded really scratchy. She said that everybody has to work sometimes when they are sick and she had her hairdresser, Andre, and makeup artist, Reggie, come down and take a bow because she said that they had to beat her face on today because of her cold. When Reggie came down he was wearing a mask and said that he was late because he was taking medicine to he doesn't get sick! Then the show started and she showed outtakes from George and Julia. And Greg Kinnear came out and she interviewed him. After he left, and her stylist was straightening her blouse, Oprah realized that her zipper was down during their interview and she was laughing so hard!
Then Sally Field was on by satellite and they showed more outtakes of the Oscar show. Just as it was about over, Oprah, said that Sprint was sponsoring her After-Oscar show and since they couldn't take us all to the red carpet, they were sending us home with a RED cell phone! I couldn't believe it. Especially since I don't have a cell phone and NOW I DO! With three months free service!

It was so amazing! We were so excited! Oprah then gave us a preview of her show that was airing on Monday called Building The Dream. Don't forget to watch it!

Then we were done taping the show. Oprah stayed around for a few minutes to talk to the audience. And I just have to say one thing about that:

She is real, she is kind, she is genuine. This experience of seeing Oprah "up close" was everything I expected it to be and more. She talked and laughed with the audience and really made ME feel important, even though she doesn't know my name, or even who I am . She inspired me to be better and to live better and do better. Better for myself, my kids, and for everyone around me. It was an amazing experience. I will share some "After The Show" photos as soon as I get them from Candi. I know this was long, but I hope you liked the inside scoop!


  1. I am so glad we could go together! I am sending all my friends to your blog for the "indepth" report! (and "stealing" all your pics)

  2. did a great job telling about our day! I feel like I am there again reading it!!!! I am still in shock that we were actually at the Oprah Show!!!! I am so glad you came with us, you fit right in like we had known you forever!

  3. I'm so dang jealous kim!!!!! I'm so glad it was such a great experience and she was so genuine, cause I've had my doubts. LOL just kidding! Now get Kara and I in when we come in April!!!!


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