Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pretty Proud

This last week was the finale of The Voice. It is funny how I haven't really watched any of the week's episodes, but Ella and Craig were obessed. They watched it together, or Craig DVR'd it so Ella could watch it after school. Once school was out, Monday and Tuesday night we were up pretty late letting her watch along with her dad. This past week was the finale, and we were so excited for all the talent and happy to see a beautiful blonde from Texas win! On Wednesday morning, Ella and I were talking over breakfast and she told me about how she tried to sign up to be on The Voice. Whaaat??
When they were watching on Monday night, she got on the website and started filling out all the information: her name, address, etc. etc. But when it came to her birthday, that is where all her dreams were crushed. You had to be born before 2003 to enter. But while she was eating her waffles, she just explained to me very non-chalantly that she would just sign up next year. When they allowed 2004 birthdays.
For a gal who has sung a solo in front of an audience ONE TIME, she is pretty confident.

Here are two other reasons I am proud:
Christian performing in the Mr. FSMS pageant. He practiced and practiced this song for months. Thanks to his cousin, Taylor, he can learn from You Tube any song he wants to play.

Sydnee has also begun perfecting the art of Lego Animation this summer. She has taken it very seriously the past 2 days, and produced two films. They are both under a minute long and she worked on them for over 6 hours the past 2 days. Talk about dedication and patience. It is fun to work with her on iMovie as we both navigate the unfamiliar. Here is her first {silent} movie:

Have a great weekend!

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