Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's Get Personal

It seems that this blog has been all about business lately. Even though my 'business' is tied so closely with my personal life, it seems all my posts have been about projects. We are still living life around here and it is definitely full & fun & busy. Who isn't these days?

 photo file_zps789a72ce.jpg When I am not working, (or cleaning up a mess) I am usually with my kids. This truly makes me the happiest and the most stressed all in the same breath! But they are fun, and put up with my'outside' voice that takes over at times.

   photo file_zps74b3928d.jpg

 photo file_zps4b3d7644.jpg

 The school year is almost over, and I am excited for summer. We have a few things planned, but not much. So excited about that. No schedules, no alarms, just relaxing and eating lots of popsicles & snow cones. It is going to start getting very HOT here soon!  photo file_zps925afa7d.jpg

 photo file_zps5b50a8da.jpg
 We had a taste of summer earlier this week with the kids out of school for a couple of snow days we never had to make up, and I am excited for what is in store. But there is one thing on my list to do before the kids are out of school for good on the 7th of June.  photo file_zps38ad8fcc.jpg
 MM&I Day (Me, Myself, & I Day: while school is still in session, savor one more day ALONE. Maybe I will shop, have lunch with friends, or maybe.....hmmmm might have to think about this one!)
What would you do on your last day before summer break??

I guess I can't create a blog post without including one creative project. Saw this quote on my dear friend's blog and wanted to create with it. Love how this turned out.

 photo fiskarsprima1_zpsb7307c11.jpg

Alright, just one more. Promise.
    photo fiskarsprima4_zpsb86e83cd.jpg
My favorite quote
from my favorite song
in my favorite Broadway musical.

Prima + Fiskars

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