Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11 Random Things...& A 700th Post Giveaway!!

I was tagged by Shannon last month and thought I would write a few things that are pretty random about me.

1. I am in love with anything & everything pumpkin. It really should be a flavor/smell that is available all year long and not just in the Fall.
2. I don't like chocolate. But give me any other sugary candy: hot tamales, sour patch kids, Mike & Ike's, Twizzlers, licorice, etc. I likie!
3. I am always trying to improve my parenting skills. It seems I can never get things right. Parenting is hard. Every child is different. I have heard this a million times, and I still completely lose my patience on a daily basis.
4. I want to really learn to use my camera. I am so addicted to just using my iphone camera. It has been easy, and I have become lazy. I never bring the big camera. I am going to take it and get a tune up for it at a local camera store. Then I am going to quit being scared, and just use it more often.
5. With all the social media & technology we have to 'connect' with friends and family, why do I lately feel so 'disconnected'? I want to call people instead of text; write and send cards instead of email.
6. I don't have a middle name. I tried to use my maiden name for awhile as my middle name, but it just didn't feel right. Now I just use my given name & my last name.
7. I am pretty obsessed with reading blogs. I read several on a daily basis. This is one of my favorites and it made my day when this appeared on Megan's vlog a month or so ago:

8. I really wish I had the financial ability to have a creative someone come and decorate my house.
9. I love chai tea. I think I had the most wonderful cup last weekend at Cupcake Royale in Bellevue, WA.
10. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the friendships that I have. I randomly texted this picture to my best friend, it just makes me giggle with joy that we will be friends until we are old, and then for even longer.
11. I am truly happy, from the bottom to the top of my creative soul, when I am making or doing something with my hands. I inherited this trait from my Grandma Virginia. She is always doing, making, serving, creating...I believe it makes her truly happy too.
If my hands are not busy then I am picking my cuticles which is a pretty awful habit.

P.S.If anyone that is reading this, wants to challenge themselves to do this post on their blog, please leave a comment with a blog link so we can all have a peek at your 11 Random Things. Thanks.

P.S.S. After I published this post, I realized it was my 700th post!!!!
Isn't that pretty cool??? Leave me a comment and I will draw 3 winners for a lovely gratitude journal. I picked up these lovely journals at Target and I decorated the cover and just couldn't stop at one! So I have three I would love to send to 3 lovely readers of this blog! I will draw winners on Monday 11/19/2012.
update: Forget the 'follower' thing....just leave a comment & I will draw three {3} winners on Monday!


  1. Kim! You're always so inspiring!!!! Thanks for sharing all these thoughts! Congrats on all your posts!

  2. I am a Kim stalker!!!! Greetings from an Australian currently in USA on vacation. Now if only I could find 11 interesting things to write about myself that sound as fabulous as yours. Margaret

  3. Sorry about the no middle name. I take full responsibility.unfortunately I didn't know you very well when I helped name you. Dad

  4. Ok, I'm officially a follower, not just a stalker. :)

  5. Love this post Kim! I need to do this soon! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Yay! I'm glad you completed the list!

    I agree with you on #5. I only gained access to texting in January and while it can be useful it fun, it bugs me sometimes when people use it for things they would normally pick up the phone for -- like making visiting teaching appointment. Chances are I've been at home all day (alone), so it would be nice to talk to someone even it's just for a minute. Please call, I want to hear your voice! (sorry, rant over)

    #7 - I read her blog too! Her craft weekend looks a-mazing!

    Congrats on reaching 700!

  7. I loved reading this random stuff! Didn't know you don't chocolate, I can't live without it! LOL I feel the same way about parenting... and now with a teenage girl, it really is overwhelming sometimes. I promisse I will try to write mine this week. And congrats for 700th!!!


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