Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog Makeover

I know I haven't been posting much since the move, and I felt that I needed a new look here.
So I asked my creative friend, Megan, to help me with a spruced up blog design. Doesn't it look fantastic?! If you go over to her blog, she has written a post about her creative process.
Megan is great with Photoshop, and is so creative! I love to read her blog on a daily basis. She has got her scrapbook design all figured out & I am always inspired & amazed with everything she does: handwritten journaling, lovely photos, layered embellishments, & great techniques! I love her designs & she is one of my kindest creative friends.
Thanks Megan! I love the  way it looks!
Ready to post more often & use this place to share creative projects, fun ideas, & the highlights of our new life in Texas. Pinky promise!
Penny, Me, & Megan: creative good times


  1. It looks great! I LOVE the map on your header!

  2. Your blog looks awesome! I am going to have to talk to Megan about making over my blog. Think I can talk her into it?? LOL

  3. So incredibly gritty my friend!!! Love it! Wish I had a desire to pick up where I left off and get caught up.. let alone blog about the current stuff. :(

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Does she do freelance work? I need a blog makeover.


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