Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Uncle Taylor

My brother commented on facebook that he wanted to see some pictures of his nieces and nephew. I guess that was the hint that I haven't updated in awhile. I still think I am trying to find the balance on this blog {even after almost 5 years of blogging}. I love to share crafty things, but also know that there is family all over the world, that doesn't see much of my kids unless it is on here. So it is important that I share what we are up to as a family and not just my creative endeavors. I don't have that all worked out quite yet.....like so many other things in my life.

 Ella just finished Spring soccer.  She liked it once she got there, but it took some coaxing to get her away from the TV and in her gear to play. Once on the field she was on fire and loved it! She had a great team and coach! Go Hawks!

 Sydnee's soccer team {The Pumas} is playing very well.  They still have a few more games and one more tournament.  Their record is 6-2-1.  She loves to play goalie.  It is one of her favorite positions, but she is also good at midfield and forward. 
Sydnee says: "Uncle Taylor, what position do you like to play in soccer and what position are you good at?"
She is very passionate about soccer, she loves it.  She is making good friends, and they are turning into a great team! Go Pumas!

Christian and Sydnee just had their spring piano recital last weekend.  Christian played William Tell Overture and The Pink Panther.  Sydnee played Country Dance and We're Off To See The Wizard.  They both still enjoy playing more than practicing. 
We love you and miss you Taylor! We are praying for your safety each day and night. Hooyrah!


  1. I love seeing your cute kids pictures too... I solved that and other problems by creating multiple blogs. (we had some privacy issues, which is why my family blog is now private.) But when I have the time and effort I like sharing my creative side to anyone that may care to see it... Cute kiddos Kim!

  2. Love the pictures!
    Sydnee: I played fullback (right-side). I liked to take the ball from people and set up the forwards and midfielders for a goal. I was too slow and short to be a forward.
    My favorite position was also goalie. I liked to jump, dive, and get dirty saving goals.
    I also disliked practicing. You cannot progress without practicing though. I hope you stick with it.

  3. Your kids are so lovely and so big!! It's making me feel kind of old...well, really old. HA! :-)

  4. What beautiful children you have. They are SO CUTE and perfect little smiles. GREAT pictures!!!


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