Monday, May 9, 2011

Anniversary Gift {Stella and Dot}

I am not really a jewelry person. I feel that most jewelry is expensive and there are other things we need to spend our money on. I received two very special pieces of jewelry from Craig: a simple diamond necklace on our 1st Valentine's Day, and my wedding ring. Now I have added a third piece of jewelry from him, and I love it!
About a month ago, my sister was married.  As part of her wedding jewelry, she picked a simple chain with 2 charms; one was her husband's birthstone & the other was his initial.  After the wedding, I was talking to another sister that thought it was the PERFECT jewelry piece.  It was a few weeks before our anniversary, so I decided that I also wanted this beautiful reminder of my wonderful husband so close to my heart. 
I ordered it. 
When I told Craig that I chose jewelry for my anniversary gift, he was a little bit surprised.  He knows I am not a jewelry person.  But I told him that it was perfect for me, and I think he was just glad that I had found something that I wanted and he didn't need to worry about 'the gift'.  After 16 years, this is kind of how we work.  We don't set high expectations for the anniversary.  We are working on our marriage every day, so our anniversary is a simple celebration.  I remember one year, just after Ella was born.  It was our anniversary and we had just put 3 out-of-control kids to bed.  I was tired, and he was tired.  We passed each other in the hall and gave each other a high five.  I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like: "Happy Anniversary! Great job on 10 years, honey!"
So here is my anniversary gift.  I love it.  The quality of the jewelry is wonderful.  It is simple.  It is timeless.  I added the 'love' charm since we have been married 16 years and are still in love {most of the time}.  I have worn it everyday since I received it in the mail.  Thanks to my cousin, who is my Stella and Dot stylist; for ordering it.  It came so quickly and in the most wonderful packaging. If you are interested in this or any other Stella and Dot Jewelry, check out her website: Stella and Dot Stylist - Emilie Hicks 


  1. Love your anniversary present! It is so you. I totally remember when Craig got you your diamond necklace. Such great memories. Congrats to you and Craig! Love you guys!

  2. Congrats on 16 years! I love the necklace. I'm glad you have a blog since I never see you anymore! Maybe you should teach a Melissa Francis class, huh, hint hint...


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